£23,800 Profit In 365 Days Betting
Across All 26 Irish Race Courses!



Right, how did I make £23,800 profit last year betting on only the irish racing.

Well first things first.

In Ireland there’s a total of 26 race courses.

That’s every single one.

Compare this the UK where there are at least 60.

So less than half, and some of these are only raced at a few times per year. I’ll tell you about my favourite ever trip to the races shortly...

Having only 26 courses means over the years I’ve got a real feel for each one of them.

I’ve also witnessed racing at all of them over the past 20 years first hand.

It comes down to knowing the lefties from the right-handed courses along with how the going plays from meeting to meeting.

Along with those famous Irish uphill finishes that could see an outsider come from nowhere.

The Key to My Success is EXPERIENCE

I wouldn’t say it’s insider knowledge, I’d say it’s even better than that.

It’s not information passed from pillar to post before I hear it, its how I see things from past experiences.

20 years of watching and betting on the horses when there’s only 26 courses to go at and you can recognise them in an instant.

See what the going is like and just knowing that piece of information and which course it is and I can probably put a black line through half the runner on the card.

There’s more to it than that of course.

But I’m NOT Going to Give Away All My Secrets Am I

What I want to do is show you how good I am and how profitable Irish racing can be for you!

We’ve got a steady March ahead with racing most days before things start to get a little bit busier in April where we see...

The Fairy House & Cork Easter Festivals (16th April - 18th April for Fairyhose)

Including the Irish Grand National (15th April - 17th April for Cork)

Then at the end of the month the 5 day Punchestown Festival (25th April - 29th April)

Other festivals to take note of are the Curragh Irish Derby which takes place at the end of June and the Limerick Christmas Festival.

I’ll be tipping all of these.

Already we’ve had good success this year too.

Tipping Champagne West to win the Thyestes Steeplechase at Gowran Park at the end of January at odds of 7/1 and before that selecting Sizing John in the Kinlock Braei Chase at Thurles.

Now Let’s Look At Some Stats...

In January I tipped 55 horses and had a profitable return from 16 of them.

For the statisticians amongst you that’s 29% and 14 of these were outright winners (Again that’s 25.5%)

February saw less tipping and rom the 17 meetings I tipped 37 horses.

This time 13 profitable bets, all winners. (35%)

January saw me bank £1,360 profit and February a slightly better £1,682.50.

Both of these were a little under the average profit from last year but more profit usually comes over Easter and in the Summer.

My average wager is £50 and while most bets are win bets, I do like to back each way occasionally when the odds permit.

Alternatively I do have the occasional SURE THING where I would suggest everyone DOUBLE DOWN.

So... To Double Down would be a £100 bet and with each way bets we split it and we go £25 each way.

If £50 wagers are not your think then 2016 resulted in 476pts profit and after only 2 months of 2017 you can add another 60.85pts to that total.

Multiply those numbers by how much you normally back per tip and that’s how much profit you would have made following me.

Now, I’m not a greedy man but I also know the price of good information.

I also understand that there’s a lot of crap peddled online so heres what I can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be betting every day?

No, There are days when there are no races in Ireland so these are days we take off. I will still send out an email to confirm that there is no racing that day. On rare occasions when there are meetings there will be a no tip day. Mainly this will be due to me being on holiday, but very rarely I will not see value on the days betting.

95% of the time if there's a meeting in Ireland, you will have a bet to place.

How do I get your tips?

I sent my tips via email. Its simple and most people can pick it up on their phones now, or from anywhere in the world.

When are the tips sent?

The tips are sent the evening before the racing for 2 reasons.

Firstly, we all like value in our tips and being able to take advantage of early prices is a great advantage with the best odds guaranteed bookies.

Secondly, it means everyone has time to place the bets, whether you work later, earlier or afternoons, you can pick up the tips and place your bets at a time that suits you, whether thats 5 minutes after I send them or 5 minutes before the off.

How often will I win?

When it comes to tipping this is never a straight forward questions. I could tell you that one week last year I don 7 out of 10 bets, but then at the same time I could say another week I lost 11 straight.

As an average I win just short of 1 in 3

I look for value, so the 6, 7 and 8 losses in a row are common but as with any tipster its all about profit at the end of the day and in 2016 I ended the year with 476pts profit.

That means if every time I advised you put £50 on a horse you followed my tips you will have made £23,800 PROFIT in just 12 months.

Do I need to use a certain bookie?

No, I spread my bets between William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfair and a couple of smaller bookies. But as long as you can bet on the Irish racing, you're good to go.

Do you offer a "cooling off" period?

I do. I'd prefer you to think long and hard before you join up. If you are looking for an extra income to your existing tips from the Irish racing, great.

If you're looking for a solution to debt or all life problems this isn't for you.

Betting is serious business and if you follow the tips you can make a lot of money doing it. However it is a long game and you should be prepared for losing days, weeks and maybe even a losing month or 2 (at the most). But in the end if you follow every tip tell you to back, you will make money.

I am that confident that I will offer a full 365 day money back guarantee.

The first 60 are "no questions asked" you want your money back no problem, but if we are 10 months in and you do not have profit in your account, email me and I will refund your money. That is how confident I am that I will make you a profit.